It's been a long winter, so we here at Riverhead Bay Volkswagen are welcoming the warm weather that's finally arrived with open arms. Residents in and around our community are likely planning road trips and excursions outside the state of New York to make the most of the high temperatures and warm sunshine. However, all the traveling you've done this past season have probably taken their toll on your vehicle. Check out our five Volkswagen service tips below to help your vehicle run smoothly this upcoming season.

  1. Change Your Windshield Wipers: Windshield wipers are usually the first pieces of equipment to go after a long and salty season of winter driving. Worn wipers will leave streaks on the windshield which will ultimately negatively impact your vision when on the road. Purchasing a new set is a cheap way to ensure your safety and security.
  2. Change Your Volkswagen Model's Oil and Oil Filter: Haven't attended to your vehicle's engine oil levels in some time? Now's a great time to get its oil changed before setting out on any extensive adventures. The severe cold weather conditions we encounter in the northeast can put extreme demands on our vehicle's oil and oil filters. Ensure proper lubrication and mitigate the chance of a breakdown with a clean filter and oil system.
  3. Check Alignment and Change Your Seasonal Tires: Traversing the pothole-ridden roads this past season might have thrown your vehicle's alignment slightly askew. Make sure you swap out your winter tires for your set of summer or all-season tires and count on our skilled professionals to properly align your vehicle before you hit the open road.
  4. Repair Your Air Conditioning System: Nobody enjoys sweating it out while stuck in traffic under the heat of the blazing summer sun. Riverhead Bay Volkswagen offers convenient and quick air conditioning repairs to our faithful patrons at sensible rates. Check this service essential off the list to enjoy every minute of your time spent at the wheel and away from home.
  5. Ensure Proper Fluid Levels: Keeping proper fluid levels is paramount to any journey. Whether it be engine oil, power-steering fluid, or simply windshield-washer fluid; we'll be able to top-off your model to help ensure your vehicle's health.

Schedule a service appointment at our state-of-the-art certified Volkswagen service center in Riverhead to ensure your vehicle is in proper shape for your summer motoring.

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