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We hire many experienced professionals seeking a long term career with plenty of opportunities for growth in responsibility and income. Bringing a lot of high performing people in an organization with high standards of services creates a spirited atmosphere, an organization that feels elite, but not elitist. We keep each other on our toes, and it shows. Our Employment Opportunities page where you will find job openings for the entire Riverhead Bay organization. We are located in the heart of Riverhead. Start your application process today by submitting an application.

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Why Riverhead Bay

Over Time we at Riverhead Bay Motors have broken down this whole process into a formula. The formula itself is actually pretty simple. When we do a good job with our clients and associates, we grow. When we grow, there is more opportunity for advancement. By creating a family friendly atmosphere, we have been able to provide a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is able to benefit.

This is how we are able to provide spectacular customer service to our clients, and how we have been able to win Subaru's Stellar Care Award four years in a row, and Volkswagens Customer First Award for the two years they have been running it.  View Open Positions

Riverhead Bay Benefits

Riverhead Bay is dedicated to building personal relationships with our customers and this begins by building personal relationships with our associates. We don't want this to be another "job", we want this to feel more like a home when and that you are part of our family. We are committed to providing an exceptional sales and service experience, in addition to being committed to providing continuous development and training. We provide you with a safe and clean environment to grow, but we also use, and stay up to date with, the latest technology in order to be more efficient. Your individual development is our priority and necessary to help continue to support our customer service values.

In addition to a fantastic career, Riverhead Bay associates also enjoy benefits including:

  •  Health Insurance
  •  Dental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  •  Life Insurance
  •  Paid Vacation
  •  Paid Training
  • 401K
  •  Family Pricing on Vehicles
  • Flexible work-week
  • Union Shop
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