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Is your Volkswagen lease agreement reaching its conclusion? If so, bring it into Riverhead Bay Volkswagen for termination and to follow the next steps. Our Riverhead, NY VW dealership is a certified lease-end return center, so even if you recently moved to the area from out-of-state, you can have your lease released and ended here at our dealership. Before you bring your leased Volkswagen in to our dealership, let us go over with you a few things to keep in mind. Long Island, NY shoppers will find Riverhead Bay Volkswagen located less than less than a 45 minute drive outside of Smithtown, NY.



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Getting Ready for Your Lease-End

If you're currently leasing a Volkswagen, you will likely know about how to access your account via Volkswagen online. Volkswagen offers a wear and use guide, with proper measurements for tire tread depth, dents, dings, and scratches. 

Some minor cosmetic damage is considered acceptable and expected, but you should keep a close eye on any damages as you will be held financially responsible for them. Drovers from Riverhead to Coram, NY should keep in mind a few things to be on the lookout for when inspecting your leased Volkswagen:

  • Glass (interior/exterior): some dents, scratches, and singular chops smaller than two inches (with no "spiderwebbing" are acceptable
  • Tires: The tires must have a minimum thread of 1/8 of an inch at their shallowest points. Any replacement tires must be compatible with 4MOTON® AWD (if applicable) and must be the same size/speed rating as the original tires.
  • Warning Lights: Any service indicator lights must be addressed before returning of your lease. Said lights include the antilock braking (ABS) light, airbag light, or check engine light. As most leased VW models are brand-new, you will not likely run into this issue during normal commuting in Sayville, NY.
  • Upholstery: Minor stains and carpet wear are also to be expected from several months of sitting. However, any tears, holes, burns, or excessive staining will result in financial penalties. If your Volkswagen has a convertible top, it must also remain free from cuts, burns, tears, or stains.
  • Equipment: All original equipment included in the vehicle should be included, while all personal effects should be removed. Original equipment should include all sets of keys, the CD player, navigation CDs (if applicable), the convertible top (if applicable), and the owner's manual.
  • Mileage: VW offers a free and helpful way to calculate the remaining mileage on your lease contract. Any overages will also result in financial penalties, unless you choose to purchase the leased car.

What to Do Next

After Medford, NY customers return their lease-end vehicle to us, they will have a few different options for the next steps. A majority of our customers choose one of the following options:

  1. Lease Another New Car: A key benefit to leasing comes from upgrading your ride once every few months. Many of our VW lease customers tend to want to start a new lease agreement in a brand-new Volkswagen.
  2. Buy the Car: Have you grown attached to your leased VW? Exceeded your mileage? Many shoppers want to buy the car they leased, and there are ways you can! Our finance center will tell you the remaining balance of the car's worth and you can decide to purchase it or finance through a loan.
  3. Go Somewhere Else: While we work hard to build lifelong customer relations, if you decide you're not entirely satisfied with Volkswagen leasing, or the brand in general, you may take your business elsewhere with no hard feelings!

Return Your Lease Today

When your lease end approaches, take all the necessary steps, then schedule an appointment and visit Riverhead Bay Volkswagen on Long Island. East Hampton drivers can find us less than 35 miles outside of their hometown. We hope to hear from you soon!