Spring Driving Poses its Own Set of Challenges--How to Stay Safe When Behind the Wheel

While all signs seem to indicate that we are out of the woods when it comes to winter weather, long time New York residents know there's no telling what Mother Nature may have in store for us over the next month or so.

And even if any more snow isn't necessarily in the cards, it's important to recognize that driving in spring comes with its fair share of potentially hazardous driving conditions, too. As the seasons change, so too do the conditions of the roads here in the Riverhead, NY area, so it's important to stay safe, keep your wits about you, and make sure your car is up-to-date on any and all of its routine maintenance needs.

For your further edification, we have outlined what we here at Riverhead Bay Volkswagen believe to be among the most important tips for safer spring driving. Take a look!

Stay Safe Behind the Wheel this Spring with These Driving Tips & Reminders:

  1. They say spring showers bring May Flowers, but they also make for damp driving conditions. We all know to lower our speed when driving in the snow, but the same rules should be followed when driving on slick and slippery roads resulting from the rain. Increase the distance between yourself and the car in front of you, and always give yourself some additional time and space for braking. Should you find yourself hydroplaning, it's important to stay calm and do not brake or accelerate suddenly, as sudden braking can cause a spin out.
  2. Check to be sure your wipers are up to par. Windshield wipers need to be replaced annually; failure to do so may impact your ability to see in rain showers, which can make for dangerous driving. Need a new pair? Be sure to hit up our parts department for a quality set that's certain to keep you in the clear this spring.
  3. Avoid potholes and large puddles whenever possible. Winter weather wreaks havoc on the pavement here in the Long Island area, resulting in pothole-ridden streets. Avoid potholes when possible, or at the very least, slow down to a safe speed. Large puddles can also impair your braking ability and impede your vision.
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