Volkswagen Tires Designed for You

New Tires

The experts in our Tire Center can help you pinpoint which tires will fit your Volkswagen model perfectly. But our selection isn't only limited to Volkswagen vehicles; our extensive inventory includes tires for any make and model on the Riverhead, Smithtown, Coram, Medford, and East Hampton roads. Our selection includes:

  • Summer tires, which are meant for optimum traction in dry and slightly wet warmer conditions.
  • Winter tires, which are designed to handle on snow and icy roads in cold weather.
  • All-season tires, which are designed to handle adequately all year round.

Tire Repairs and Maintenance

Keeping your tires functioning properly not only provides a smoother ride, but also helps your vehicle perform more efficiently. To do that, here are some of the services we provide:

  • Tire repair: Some tire issues don't require replacement, just simple repairs like filling punctures or repairing the lining.
  • Wheel alignment and balancing: This is an important piece of tire maintenance. When your wheels are out of alignment and unbalanced, your tires' treads will wear unevenly which contributes to less effective traction and handling, and a bumpy ride.
  • Tire rotation: Routinely rotating your tires twice a year keep all four tires wearing evenly. This helps to preserve the treads so you get better handling longer.
  • Tire pressure check: Feel like your tires are underinflated? We'll check your tire pressure, and inflate your tires to the proper psi to keep you running safely and efficiently.
  • Tire mounting: Just bought some new summer, winter, or all-season tires? We'll mount them onto your vehicle!

In need of a smooth, efficient ride? Take care of your tires by coming in to Riverhead Bay Volkswagen!

Find New Tires for Sale or Repair Your Current Ones in Riverhead, NY, at Our Dealership

Making sure your Volkswagen is running efficiently means taking care of every aspect of your vehicle, including your tires. The Tire Center at Riverhead Bay Volkswagen is available to provide quality tire service to Long Island drivers. Whether you're looking to buy new tires or maintain your current set, we'll use our expertise to keep you rolling.