Can't Escape the Sneeze? Try Lane Keep Assist with the New Volkswagen Passat

We all know the importance of keeping our eyes and attention on the road when behind the wheel. Texting and driving is a huge no-no, and the use of all cellphones when operating a vehicle is banned in many states, as well. Of course you would never get behind the wheel when impaired, but what's a driver to do when something entirely out of his or her power impedes with the ability to keep the car in its lane?

We're talking about the dreaded sneeze. Joking aside, sneezing when driving can seriously be dangerous, as your eyes automatically close when you "a-choo," meaning you will lose control of your vehicle for about six seconds. That is a long time to have your eyes off the road before you.

And while you may not have a whole lot of control over when and how frequently you sneeze when operating your car, the Volkswagen Passat with available lane assist can be a useful feature. Check it out in action in the cartoon below. Then, be sure to visit our team here at Riverhead Bay Volkswagen to check out the new Passat for yourself today.

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