The Best Summer Yet Starts with Exceptional Automotive Service

Today marks the official first day of summer, which means all of you in the greater Riverhead, NY area officially have the green light to get going on all of your favorite summer activities. One of the best parts of the summer months is that with longer days and warmer weather, we find that there's simply more time to do the things we love, while also getting ample amounts of relaxation in. But in order to be fully relaxed and at ease this season, make sure that your daily driver is up to date on all necessary routine maintenance and repairs.

Don't leave the well-being of your ride to chance and risk an inconvenient or costly repair. Summers are meant to be spent outside and with loved ones--not sitting around an auto shop awaiting what will certainly prove to be quite the expense. Our Riverhead Bay Volkswagen service center if your trusted resource for all things car care related.

Plus, if you're really in a rush--and honestly, who isn't?--our Volkswagen Service Xpress is just the fix. Without even needing to make an appointment, you can come through our Xpress Service lane and get the same caliber of car care you would expect from our expertly trained teams of specialists on services such an oil changes and filter changes, tire rotations, cabin filter replacement, wiper blade replacement, battery diagnostic check, and more!

Start your summer off on the right foot, with the proper service necessary to ensure smooth sailing for the months ahead.

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