See How Our Volkswagen Models Stand Up to the Competition

It's football season, and football is all about competition. Any head coach can boast about how good their team is (*cough* Rex Ryan *cough*), but we don't actually know until we see them play head to head against another squad. That's when we find out who excels and who falls short. It's the same when it comes to cars on the Riverhead roads.

Every car company boasts about how superior their vehicles are, but how do we really know if they catch the attention of Long Island drivers unless they're compared head to head? That's exactly what Riverhead Bay Volkswagen has done. Check out our Competitor Comparisons page to find out how our popular new Volkswagen selection stands up to the competition.

Take a look at why we think the VW Jetta is a better option than the Honda Civic. You'll find that the Jetta has a more powerful base engine and better standard features. And, see the ways the VW Passat surpasses the Honda Accord. Notice that the Passat is more affordable and has towing capabilities that the Accord lacks.

Make sure your next vehicle purchase is an informed one. Browse our entire inventory of new Volkswagen vehicles, take a look at the comparison pages, and then visit us for a test drive!

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