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2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Ensuring your safety on the road with your Volkswagen vehicle is one of our top priorities. We want to sell you a quality vehicle, but we also want to make sure that you are fully equipped with the necessary safety features.

Our 4MOTION technology is one of those features, providing confidence and reliability on the road in many different types of terrains and weather circumstances.

What Is 4MOTION and How Does It Work?

4MOTION is a permanent four-wheel drive system available on select Volkswagen models. It distributes power from the engine to all four wheels as necessary. This provides stability on the road through a variety of terrains and weather patterns. It can even help keep your vehicle stable on the road in strong cross-winds.

4MOTION technology is especially important for drivers in Riverhead, and the surrounding areas. When winter comes, and snow begins to cover the road, it is paramount to have the best driving system that will give you the most traction on the road. That is why many of our customers trust 4MOTION technology on their Volkswagen vehicle.

2017 Volkswagen Touareg SUV

Which Models Have 4MOTION Technology?

There are a few models which have 4MOTION technology.

  • VW Golf R: The Volkswagen Golf R has many features which may entice car shoppers. Between its sleek exterior design, its spacious interior, and its capability on the road, the fact that it has 4MOTION technology as well is the icing on the cake. This vehicle is affordable, aerodynamic, and fun to drive.
  • VW Golf SportWagen: This crossover is in a category of it's own, the Volkswagen SportWagen combines the capability and cargo room of an SUV with the maneuverability and sleek styling of the ultra fun Golf.  Go on more adventures with a 4MOTION configuration.
  • VW Golf Alltrack: Tread happily in the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, this fun-to-drive wagon has been engineered with 4MOTION all-wheel drive, giving it the ability to shift torque between the front and rear wheels, to help prevent tire slippage.
  • VW CC: The Volkswagen CC is an incredible vehicle, proudly displaying its luxurious craftsmanship, both in its exterior and interior design, and boasting an impressive amount of safety and entertainment features. In addition, the CC V6 4MOTION Executive provides the excellent 4MOTION technology to this incredible vehicle to propel it that much higher above the competition.
  • VW Tiguan: The Volkswagen Tiguan provides plenty of features everyone can love. As a mid-sized, sporty SUV, this vehicle provides plenty of confidence on the road, and a plethora of cutting-edge technological features. In addition, it has 4MOTION technology, which will provide an additional amount of assurance no matter the road condition or terrain.
  • VW Touareg: The Volkswagen Touareg is also a mid-sized SUV, with an incredibly spacious interior, luxurious heated leather seats, an innovative navigational system, and 4MOTION technology. If you need to travel, this vehicle will get you where you need to go safely and comfortably.
  • VW Atlas: While this full-sized SUV is coming soon, and thus not yet available, it will have 4MOTION technology as well, which will be an exciting addition to an excellent vehicle.

Want to Learn More About 4MOTION?

If you would like to learn more about 4MOTION technology, or you would like to set up a test drive with one of our vehicles, stop by Riverhead Bay Volkswagen in Riverhead, NY. Our friendly and professional team would be more than happy to provide you with any information you desire.

2017 VW Golf Alltrack

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Vehicles Come With 4MOTION Technology?

  • Volkswagen Golf R
  • Volkswagen Golf Alltrack
  • Volkswagen Golf SportWagen
  • Volkswagen CC V6 4MOTION
  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Volkswagen Touareg
  • Volkswagen Atlas (coming soon - not available yet)

Why Should I Get a Vehicle With 4MOTION Technology

The main reason is the confidence and assurance it provides while on the road. There is nothing more important than safety on the road. 4MOTION technology adds that additional measure of comfort. Vehicles with 4MOTION have been designed with troublesome roads and terrains in mind.

What Is the Difference Between four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive?

There is a difference between these two driving technologies, though they can sometimes be accidentally interchanged with each other. Generally, four-wheel drive is optimized for severe off-road circumstances, allowing a vehicle to overcome a number of terrains. All-wheel drive technology feeds power to each corner, which can be helpful in difficult road conditions.

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