The New Volkswagen Atlas vs. the Competition at Riverhead Bay Volkswagen near Riverhead

The new 2021 VW Atlas is one SUV that has all the bases covered. Built for convenience and comfort, the new offers occupants a panoramic view of the world around them while keeping them safe with advanced safety technology.

The VW Atlas accomplishes all of this while offering a spacious cargo space and towing capacity. At Riverhead Bay Volkswagen, we invite you to come in for a test drive and explore what it offers.

Below, learn about the differences and similarities between the VW Atlas vs. the Toyota Highlander, one of its chief competitors.

VW Atlas vs Toyota Highlander Costs and Fuel Economy

In terms of the costs, the VW Atlas starts at a lower MSRP price at $31,545. On the other hand, the Toyota Highlander starts at an MSRP price of $35,085 for the entry-level model.

With fuel economy, both the VW Atlas and Toyota Highlander have roughly the same combined miles per gallon at 22 miles per gallon and 24 miles per gallon, respectively.

VW Atlas vs Toyota Highlander Performance

The VW Atlas offers a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 235 horsepower and 258-pound feet of torque as standard with an eight-speed transmission. A 3.6-liter V6 engine with 276 horsepower and 266-pound feet of torque comes as an available option.

The Toyota Highlander, though, has a 3.5-liter V6 engine as its only powertrain. Now while the Highlander has 19 more horsepower than VW Atlas, it produces three fewer pound-feet of torque than the VW Atlas V6 option, at 263.

Both the VW Atlas and Toyota Highlander have a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

VW Atlas vs Toyota Highlander Interior and Storage

Regarding seating capacity, the VW Atlas has three rows of seats that can carry up to seven people with no issue. The Toyota Highlander offers a similar three-row seat layout, with an available seating capacity of eight people.

While the VW Atlas offers slightly less seating capacity, it more than makes up for passenger volume and cargo space. On the whole, the VW Atlas offers 153.7 cubic feet of passenger volume while Toyota Highlander checks in at 141.3 cubic feet of passenger volume.

The increased space extends to the passenger headroom as well. While both the VW Atlas and Toyota Highlander offer similar headroom space in the first row, the VW Atlas leaps ahead in the second and third-row headroom.

In terms of cargo space, Smithtown shoppers can fir far cargo more in the VW Atlas whether the seats are folded up or down. The VW Atlas offers up 20.6 cubic feet of space behind the third-row seats compare to the Highlander at 16 cubic feet. The difference is compounded with the third-row seats folded, with the VW Atlas having 55.5 cubic feet of space compared to 48.4 cubic feet for the Toyota Highlander.

Overall, for those looking to carry cargo and supplies with passengers, the VW Atlas outshines the Toyota Highlander.

VW Atlas vs Toyota Highlander Safety and Technology

Both the VW Atlas and Toyota Highlander feature a suite of advanced safety features always to keep both driver and passengers safe. However, if an accident does happen, the VW Atlas features the standard Intelligent Crash Response System that automatically shuts off the fuel pump, unlocks doors, and activates the hazard lights.

The Toyota Highlander does have a similar feature, but it is an available option.

Concerning interior technology, both the VW Atlas and Toyota Highlander feature smart device connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. However, the VW Atlas features the dedicated Volkswagen Car-Net app, keeping East Hampton drivers connected to the vehicle. The Toyota does feature an in-car app.


VW Atlas vs Toyota Highlander Who Comes Out on Top

When it comes down to it, while the Toyota Highlander holds its own in many key areas, the VW Atlas is a more well-round option. With more cargo space and comparable performance, the VW Atlas comes out as the winner of the two.

Contact us today to schedule a test drive in one of our new VW Atlas models. You can also go ahead and reserve a new VW Atlas today by visiting our web portal. Riverhead Bay Volkswagen is located in the Medford area.