Why You Should Visit Riverhead Volkswagen for Your New & Used VW Needs

When you're shopping for your next automobile, there's a good chance you have a list of "must-haves," be it a certain passenger capacity, a specific body style, or a degree of efficiency. It's important not to settle when it comes to finding a car that truly does check all the boxes you want checked.

But have you considered what your "must-haves" are when it comes to the car dealership with which you choose to do business?


Can't Escape the Sneeze? Try Lane Keep Assist with the New Volkswagen Passat

We all know the importance of keeping our eyes and attention on the road when behind the wheel. Texting and driving is a huge no-no, and the use of all cellphones when operating a vehicle is banned in many states, as well. Of course you would never get behind the wheel when impaired, but what's a driver to do when something entirely out of his or her power impedes with the ability to keep the car in its lane?


Thinking About a New or Used Car? Come to Riverhead Bay Volkswagen Today!

We know you have many choices when it comes time to purchase your next new or pre-owned automobile. There are many automakers from which to choose, tons of body styles, powertrains, and trims, not to mention the many available features from which to select.

But you also have another big decision to make, and it might just be the most important automotive decision of them all: where will you choose to conduct your business?

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